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Health, Wellness, and Holistic Hair Compounds Developed and Founded by a 35 year Holistic Hair Expert, Tedx Speaker, Published Author, After-Cancer Coach, and Wellness Consultant.

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 Restoring the body's PH to a stable range of 7 will facilitate the removal of fungus, mold, parasites, that are being absorbed daily. These added heavy metals and mycotoxins cannot survive in a body that is PH balanced; however, if this issue is not addressed vital nutrients are depleted, which results in more hair loss and more chronic illnesses and inflammation.

Detox Support


Mitochondrial Cellular Repair

Balance Your PH




The Process


Formulated to assist in detoxifying, nourishing, cleansing, treats. What does this mean for YOU? These protocols and steps represent individual aspects of the total program for hair Regrowth and Metabolic repair.  If you're not experiencing hair. Loss of these compounds are created to get to the root issue of your (dis-ease) Take charge of your HEALTH, no one else can do it for you.


Mycotoxins, biofilm, heavy metals , and add graphene poison 5g, and nano particles that have been bombarding the environment, on the contrary to what most have been "told" we don't have per say an "immune system " we have a "detoxification system.

I compounded this product specifically for those who are not alkaline and need assistance with "detoxing " of heavy metals mycotoxins and contaminated bacteria from medications antibiotics processed food dairy sugar or low frequencies. Look for more raw food sources to replace what your current implementing and use this as a deep cleanse  


I provide Whole Hair HEALTH services & treatment to patients with autoimmune disorders and impulsive control disorders with a physical and web-based retail "Whole Body Service Center"; I provide health and beauty services and products internationally.

We treat hair loss and scalp damage through a combination of internal and external measures at HairDocTK.

I recommend internal treatment with natural pharmaceuticals from my patent-pending line "Holistic apothecary" based on her extensive nutritional background.

I want to help thousands more by offering this HOPE, with the mission to support women during a devastating health event where their only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while undergoing damaging treatments on the inside.



How I became a hair grower and created my own holistic line. After losing my hair at 17, I began using hair extensions, limiting my mechanical services, such as blow drying, curling, etc. Fifteen years later, I was diagnosed with RCC cancer and lost more hair and then my kidney, which filters out heavy metals. I realized why there is so much hair loss and cancer after 35 years of trial and error on my own.

Obviously, as a licensed hair professional, you are skilled at making your friends, clients, and family's hair beautiful. You possess that talent. What if you could go one step further and make a positive impact in your community?

There is an art to doing hair, but there is also a science to it. With 35 years of experience in the art and science of hair extensions, hair restoration, and health and wellness, I am experienced at training hair professionals about how to take their skills one giant step further.

Helping people with hair loss is what I do for my community.


"My hair has gotten worse by the year and I’m so grateful to have found this company and the C.E.O. HairDocTK who has found a way to get to the root issues of my hair loss and chronic illness! I’m a for ever fan ."

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