Biotin Vitamin Complex Zinc Inner wellness compounds for healthy hair, skin & nail support KEY BENEFITS Promotes healthy cell function Full of antioxidants Supports hair, skin & nails Description Wellness and beauty start from within.

Formulated with Biotin to promote your natural beauty features, my Biotin Blend Beauty Supplement is packed full of minerals and nutrients to promote healthy cell function.

Biotin supports hair, skin, and nail health and helps with the appearance of thicker hair, smoother skin, and stronger nails. This compounds  supplement contains Vitamin C, a known powerful antioxidant that assists the appearance of youthful skin and healthy collagen construction. Containing the essential mineral Zinc, our supplement helps to support healthy proteins in the body. The Vitamin B12 in our vitamin complex helps support healthy energy levels to keep you not only looking great but feeling great.

This product contains 30 capsules. Comes in a black bottle only.

  • Hydrolyzed


Key Ingredients:

  • Biotin
  • Vitamin Complex
  • Zinc



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Vitamin Complex


Inner wellness  for healthy hair, skin & nail  and immune support 


  • Promotes healthy cell function †
  • Full of antioxidants †
  • Supports hair, skin & nails †

These supplements Have some of the most famous key ingredients for having a healthier set of hair, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and Biotin.

Talking about vitamin A, it has been proven to be the vitamin every cell needs in order to grow, including the fastest growing tissue of the body or, in other words, the hair.

This amazing vitamin also increases the production of an oily substance produced by the hair glands called sebum. This oily substance is the most crucial thing for your hair’s health as it keeps your hair and scalp thoroughly moisturized.

Making it better, HairDocTK  also decided to include vitamin B12 and Biotin, two of the members of the B-vitamin family. First off, Biotin has been used as a hair loss treatment for some time now, and studies link deficiency in Biotin with hair loss in individuals. Other B vitamins, in this case, vitamin B12, are a big part of the process of making red blood cells which will, in the end, accelerate blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to the scalp and hair follicles resulting in better

As an After Cancer Care advocate this product is  compounded vegan, cruelty-free, hormone-free, and paraben-free with out citric acid or oderless chemicals