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The holistic Apothecary Shop in Arizona  award winning medical apothecary and  Educational Wellness Service  provider ,Trichologist, Tedx Speaker And Published  author .

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Private One on One Coaching, Tutoring, and Mentoring focused soley on your needs 


Helping You achieve a stable Ph balance of 7 alkalines with a coaching protocol diet plan and exerciseMetabolic acidosis is when the body's state of PH has gone too acidic causing (Dis-Ease) to go array.

What I teach you is how to repair your hair and health one strand at a time, Holistically by utilizing proper food, hair, and body care products, that I have compounded myself, after the trichotillomania and cancer diagnosis I had a decade ago. Cancer is Metobolic acidosis thriving In a body of acid. We don't "get Cancer " We "Do Cancer "

The trichotillomania  diagnosis that i've experienced and is in my book Why Hairloss Is On The Rose, ive have found throughout my my 35 plus years of continuous research is a case around untreated morgellans and stored trama which i can assit with as well. 


We keep the body in a state of homeostasis and balance through food and meditation.  By mentoring you, I will eliminate trapped emotions that cause the body to become acidic in the tissues, joints, organs, and penial gland, resulting in more hair loss , anxiety, acidosis and chronic inflammation.As a former trichotillomania patient i had to get to to Root Issue of all my "Dis-ease " ,utilizing the emotion code protocols i now can help more of you find permanent relief .


Since I have been teaching spin classes and riding mountain bikes for 35 years, I have discovered a way to restore hair and skin health by balancing the Ph internally and externally. Maintaining the body's keens cycle will allow more mycotoxins to accumulate. Inflammation can be reduced by maintaining the krebs cycle, and this is in my Book

 Diet & PH Management

The alkaline diet, also known as the alkaline ash diet, or alkaline acid diet, can help you lose weight, stabilize your PH, and avoid chronic diseases like Ra, arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. Since my own cancer diagnosis, I have studied the "terrain theory model" which holds that many foods, like meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods, cause your body to produce acid, which is bad for you and allows viruses to continue to feed and thrive, resulting in symptoms such as the flu. The "science" behind this lifestyle change claims that eating specific foods that are alkaline-balancing can protect against these conditions at the same time as shedding weight and reducing inflammation. READ MORE

Removing Acidic Foods

Listening To Meditation Music

Implementing In-fared Photo Therapy

What is in Your Water

Helping You get to the "root issue " of Dis-Ease .

In order for  the body to fully heal form Trama can be achieved following these protocols and coaching sessions abouve . Staying on longterm supplements isnt t the answer I teach you how to regain your quality of life and avoid western medicine protocols   

Natural Remedies

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Custom made hair products in salon design specifically for you .

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All appts and coaching sessions are 1 on 1 for the focus on you soley and your health

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Cleaned and Restore . 6 key ingredients for optimal hair Balance. thyme Dmso aloe to name a few will add shine volume 

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