Detox and Cleanse Support

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To ensure the proper function of the hair follicles we must detoxify on a daily , yes , daily basis, as our species doesn’t have per say an “immune system “ we have adetoxification system

It has been common knowledge for centuries that toxins and heavy metals block the body’s from absorbing the most essential nutrients trace minerals and proteins and cause Metabolic Acidosis which is a key player.

A recent discovery as a cancer advocate wellness Educator and TedX speaker my holistic Clinics has confirmed the dramatic accelerated effects that mycotoxins have on hair loss.

HairDocTK Holistic hair restoration and wellness detox treatments eliminate the challenges to hair Regrowth by focusing on cleaning the liver-kidney which is considered vital for healthy hair and scalp.

My exclusive Holistic hair program prepares your body to process the nutraceutical elements that follow. I have compounded a formula after experiencing cancer and having an overload of mycotoxins biofilm and contaminated bacteria this will help to remove that biofilm From heavy metals and assist In removing parasites from the Gi.

Also added is aloe Which is the number one natural plant source utilized for centuries to aid in digestion, collagen synthesis, minerals and more .


Kaolin Clay


Powerful triple-action, nourishing  clay for rejuvenation


  • Eliminates biofilm , parasites, viruses left to feed on bacteria.
  • Gently cleanses stressed, polluted GI
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed & radiant after the 30 day process


Key Ingredients

Aloe, activated charcoal , Organic Lecithin, Charcoal Powder, Benonite clay,ginger, garlic, black pepper, tumeric, flaxseed , casararaga,


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