Male support and Performance Combo


Absolutely FREE of all Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the technical name for the main active ingredient in most OTC hair loss medications. Although it has its established place in the

treatment of hair loss, especially when prescribed by a doctor, it’s important to note that products containing minoxidil are not “natural,” and may come with side effects such as the abnormal growth or darkening of body hair, faster heart rate, scalp irritation, and allergic reactions.

Instead, these are compounds that have been proven effective safe, and natural made locally and sourced in the USA Male enhancement support for a healthy sex drive †.

Botanical Extracts

L-Arginine HCI

Saw Palmetto


  • Supports muscular and sexual health
  • Encourages healthy blood flow
  • Helps to support sex drive & performance
  • Supports hair loss by lowering DHT


Formulated to empower natural masculinity, our Testosterone Support Complex is our male enhancement supplement. It’s scientifically designed to support male virility and libido. The amino acid, L-Arginine HCI, also supports the overall muscular health of men.

Blended with superior botanical extracts, such as Saw Palmetto Fruit, Horny Goat Weed, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Muria Puama Bard, our supplement encourages healthy blood flow, sex drive, and active sex function.

Contains 60 capsules. Comes in a plastic black bottle only. MSRP


DHT is a naturally occurring hormone found to cause  Hair loss the DHT inhibitor reduced DHT take through the bloodstream  saw palmetto, stinging nettle and a few other compounds have been shown to reduce the effects of DHT on the prostate

Some other key ingredients are honey  goat weed arginine which assists in the blood flow to the scalp these supplements are distinctly compounded  and developed for men and women and can replace your current supplements and or vitamins with added hair loss protection and maximum nutritional absorption


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